The Science Alliance

More Catan pieces. they were originally super glossy but I ended up going with sort of a flat matte look instead. good decision? bad decision????? we may never know. 

Currently trying to teach myself ZBrush. I decided to make some Settlers of Catan pieces as practice. 

Here we have Sheepz and Wasteland complete with Robber/Thief.

They sort of came out looking like Toy Story + Team Fortress 2 but I am so okay with that. 



sci-fi queens. 

how odd that someone would reblog something and just add their own site’s URL six times. tumblr is a strange place.

EVERYONE! We’ve got less than 2 weeks left on our kickstarter! We’ve had a great response here on tumblr but we still need support. 

I put this together because people keep asking about my process for creating the cutscene images. I hope you find it edifying. 

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